About Us

Aerobox Corp is an international logistics company with its own branches in Argentina and Uruguay. In Miami we have 2 own warehouses served directly by the owners, where all the logistics and cargo preparation for international shipments are handled.

We work with the latest technology and software systems to be able to respond quickly and effectively to the demand that is required in international logistics. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in the area of international transportation, merchandise dispatch (customs) and warehouse. That’s why we will be your best logistics alliance!

We focus on meeting the needs of small and medium enterprises. So also from family shipments and personal purchases.

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We bring your packages in 4 days

  • Fast

  • Private

  • Secure

  • Tracking

  • Less expensive than big courier

  • Specialized in customs

  • We provide all customs charges up front that means no surprises!

  • One call away customer support, Speak with real humans!

  • Bilingual customer support

  • Excellent competitive rates

Shipping Calculator

From USA to Argentina



NOTE: The calculator gives a reference price to estimate shipping costs, we reserve the right to change prices or tax rates without prior notice.

If the item you want to quote is not in the calculator click here and we will gladly quote it.

Management and Documentation

* Each package sent from Miami has a documentary handling fee of US $ 10.00. * Magazines, letters and documents are exempt from document handling and their cost per kg. it is US $ 18.00

  • Home deliveries within capitalm USD 15

  • Deliveries in Province of Buenos Aires USD 25

  • Shipping to the interior USD 30

Conditions for shipment to Argentina

  • The weight of this shipment can not exceed 50kg and the value can not exceed 3000 usd.

  • The commercial invoice will be requested in the case of new items or a declaration of value in the case of gifts or those items used that have no invoice.

  • That they are not prohibited articles.

List of prohibited items

  • Live or dead animals, human remains, untreated skins, natural plants.
  • Leather of exotic or endangered animals.
  • Drugs, cigars, cigarettes, even electronics.
  • Explosives, toxic products, corrosives, oxidants, matches.
  • Compressed gases, flammable items, spray paint, tear gas, hair spray, deodorants under the same presentation.
  • Dry Ice.
  • Jewelry, valuable items: (art objects, precious stones), money.
  • Food of any kind, alcoholic beverages, of Chinese origin.
  • Counterfeit material “piracy”.
  • Biological samples, laboratory material.
  • Electric skateboards.
  • Type A batteries.

USA Office

5459 NW 72ND AVE Miami FL 33166
Email: info@aerobox.com
Phone Number: +1 305 456-6247
Office Hours: From Monday to Friday from 9 hrs to 16 hrs

Buenos Aires Office

Bernardo de Irigoyen 88 2E, Capital Federal, Argentina
Email: info@aerobox.com.ar
WhatsApp attention: (011)2730-1276
Office Number: (011)4562-5177
Office Hours: From Monday to Friday from 10hrs to 18hrs
Whatsapp: In extended hours until 10hrs Argentina